Hi There

I'm Kavi.
A Developer & Photographer
from the DMV.


More About Me

I am a student dedicated to enhancing the field of Computer Science with contributions ranging from web development to real-time vision technology in a Self-Driving Car.


I'm a high school senior from Maryland. I am highly dedicated to advancing the field of computer science through bringing across novel ideas and interdisciplinary implementations! I'm also a big photographer, check out my photography page!

I'm passionate about STEM and contributing back to the open-source community. If you scroll down, you'll find the various projects that I've worked on; both in the web (virtual) realm, alongside everyday real-world innovations. Through sharing these projects I hope to inspire future generations of the beauty in STEM.

I've Got Some skills.

  • 95%
    Python 3
  • 85%
  • 80%
  • 75%
  • 90%
  • 95%
    Linux Platforms
  • 80%
    Adobe Photoshop

My Experience.

June 2020 - Present

A Kavi Websites Production

Website Development & Design, Self Starter

Worked to develop high quality websites for local businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Used php web logic and mySQL database along with bash and python to allow for functionality.

September 2018 - Present

First Robotics Competition

Lead Programmer

Worked with a cross-functional team to build an autonomous robot with tele-op capabilities. Used Java, Python, and network tables to develop vision code (with OpenCV) and programming PID Feedback loops.

August 2018 - September 2021

Academy of Biotechnology at Northwest High School


Leading day-to-day operations including planning events. Applied knowledge of computer science to automate mundane HR tasks.

July 2020 - October 2020



Tutoring Elementary and Middle School students in the field of Geometry & Algebra. Explaining difficult matheatematic concepts in an easy-to-digest manner.


See My Latest Projects.

I ❤️ working on open source cs projects. All of these projects are posted on my github. Feel free to clone absolutely anything you like! If you need help with implementation feel free to reach out!

Self Driving Car

RPi, OpenCV, & Python

Using and Editing OpenCV pre-image processing techniques to develop lane lines. Want to clone it! Check it out here.

Academy of Biotechnology

HR Automation

Using Google Colab to write scripts to automatically send out emails to students who missed meetings! Check it out


DMV Empanadas

Web Design

Designing and developing a modern and functional website for a restaurant. Working with Google Maps API and geocoding build a store locator. Checkout their website here

Online mySQL Client w/PHP

Dynamic Development

Creating a dynamic way for website clients to edit and change content on website, through accessing a password protected backend interface. For security reasons (passwords and IP to mySQL database), this code isn't public on Github, but if you wan't to use it feel free to contact me!

National Honors Society

HR Automation

Using Google Colab to automate the process of tracking service credits. Automatic logging based on input data feed. Check out the code here!

Automatic Wordpress Creator

NGINX, Bash, & Python

Creating a bash script (that runs two other python scripts) in order to create an instance of wordpress on a server. Script takes care of everything, from creating an NGINX file to setting up the mySQL database. Check it out here!

Contact Me

To say hello!

I am a strong believer of "there is no stupid question". Whether it be that you need help on your calculus homework or need help cloning and using the Self Driving Car code, I'm always willing to help, and I'll respond fast! Feel free to reach out!

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